Saturday, 2 April 2011


This was the sky this morning when I left for Beaminster at 6.30a.m.  I can never resits getting out my camera for a sunrise or sunset.  This was my first day back in the old routine since Ardingly and my bad back episode.  I was not looking forward to all the heavy lifting but I was able to park right outside the Hall and there was plenty of help.  The morning started briskly with lots of customers and some new faces. Through the morning I had lots of interesting conversations with like minded
people.  I was overjoyed to find theses beauties in the following two photographs.

These lovely kid leather Edwardian boots will go into my collection of Antique Costume.  I also bought the printed paisley shawl they are standing on.  These shawls are a weakness of mine.  This is a printed one, it is damaged in the centre but I will find something to do with it.  I have a lot of damaged paisley shawls that I have bought over the years with the intention of doing something with them, but even though some of them are in shreds, I do not seem able to put my scissors to them.  I am going to try incorporating them into very fine wool with my Embellishing machine and then use the strong fabric created to make jackets or bags.
Next week we are off to Cowslip Workshops again for three days .  Mixing business with pleasure, it will be a chance to relax before we take off on our long journey by car to the South of France, but there is much to do before that, not least the preparation for the two days teaching at Petworth House at the beginning of May.


ted and bunny said...

hi Lizzie- what lovely boots.
I have to confess I bought a printed paisley shawl full of holes last week meaning to cut it up- and I know I never will, it's just an excuse to bring it home!

I hope your back is mending, if not then please do ask for help when you come to Vintage at the Village Hall and we'll find a someone to help you unload

Lizzie said...

Thanks Elaine. My back is slowly getting better, I just have to be really careful - though I must admit after Beaminster it was a bit sore but not so bad now. See you soon. x