Wednesday, 11 May 2011


After a very happy and successful day at Pamphill Village Hall on Monday (thank you Ted and Bunny for your hard work in organising such a successful event) it is on to the next event in my life!!  Tomorrow I am taking my collection of period costume out of wraps to visit a local W.I meeting to show them and to talk about it all.  I do enjoy seeing it all together and only wish I have a suitable premises where it could be permanently displayed.  It is my all consuming passion and I never tire of it.  I will be taking these lovelies below with me.  The have had a treat and been polished today, probably the first time in 100 years!!!!!!!!!!!
 Then on Friday Linda and I leave for the Stroud International Textile Fair.  We are looking forward to this very much.  We are going to be at Bisley Village Hall along with Elizabeth Baer, Polly Lyster, Barbie Campbell-Cole,Lucy Farmer, Tigermoth, Martin Conlan and last and not by any means least John Gillow.
This Fair is being run in conjunction with the famous Stroud Textile Fair and we are very flattered to have been invited to be there with our Textiles.  I am sure it will be a great weekend.

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