Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hello Again

It's been a very long time since I last posted here.  I seemed to run out of steam and even though I have been quite busy it was the same old 'same old' thing and not that interesting.  It has been such a long time that I can't remember everything that has passed.  In August I went to Festival of Quilts for a four day visual feast.  I always enjoy going even though I come back exhausted.  There were many, many beautiful quilts and exhibitions and my head was buzzing with all the new and innovative things that were there.  The arrival of September saw a return to work and the first of the month was the Textile Fair at the American Museum, Bath.  This was very well attended and we were busy with new as well as regular customers.  Then of course there was Ardingly - enough said - the weather was appalling.  Sideways rain and 70 mph winds.  It was not a good place to be and we saw hardly any of our regulars.
While I have been resting and gaining strength to cope with the 4.30 a.m. mornings I have been reading. 
Books are a weakness of mine.  I have shelves and shelves of Art and Textile books but not all that many reading books.  I find it hard sometimes to get into a book and I know within the first couple of pages whether I will finish it or not.  On a recent shopping trip to WH Smiths I saw an area designated to the Jean M. Auel books of the 'Earths Children' series and bought a couple.  They are not new by any stretch of the imagination but what caught my attention was the fact that she had written a new one - the last in the series - which had been published this year called 'The Land of the Painted Caves'.  This immediately reminded me of the famous painted caves in France at Lascaux.  I started at the beginning with 'The Clan of the Cave Bear' and am now halfway through the final one.  This last one has been intriguing and almost familiar to me.  The author's powers of description are powerful and take you to that place.
During the long road trip Linda and I did this year at Easter to the South of France we drove across the Auvergne and down the Ardeche valley.   All around us the rock formations were incredible and lots of little caves were visible.  On our way back North we were in the Dordogne and Perigord regions where this book is set.  We drove past the turning that would have taken us to Lascaux but it was not on our route.  As we left the turning behind I felt desolated.  To have been that close ...............    A treat in store for next time though I fear I won't be able to manage the walking or climbing it may involve.