Saturday, 7 January 2012


Well  it's all over now and back in the old routine though I did take time out to go to Portland Bill with my husband to look at the sea during the recent gale force winds.  It was spectacular and very difficult to stand upright to take photos.  My spectacles got covered with sea spray and I was afraid they would be blown away.

The batteries in my camera ran out and I was only able to take these three photos though I did manage to capture some more on my phone.  I love my Blackberry but the camera is not up to much and that is my only complaint.  I can pick up my emails wherever I am at no extra cost.  I am not tempted by the iPhone as I don't like the touch screen.  Just as well as I am not likely to get one!!!

We had a pleasant Christmas Day with our daughter and her children. I always cook too much food, but as my grandsons are now grown up men I thought they would polish it off, not so.  Christmas Eve celebrations had quenched their appetites!!

It's time to pick up the threads where I left off before my great Christmas tidy up.  The trouble is I can never remember where I have put everything.  This year, however, I bought two new big plastic boxes and put all my current projects and work in those and left them in the living room covered with an old paisley shawl and lo and behold I have created another parking and sleeping place for one or other of my three cats.  One of them always seems to be asleep there when I am looking for something.

Monday sees Linda and I driving to Ardingly for the first Antiques and Collectors Fair at the Showground.  I do hope it stays dry and the wind isn't too bad.  It's bound to be cold, this I can bear, but the wind and rain is something else.


bois-fleurie said...

Your photos took me right back to when I lived on the seafront in Hythe Kent. I love the sea and miss the sound of the waves.So thanks for the photos.I envy you Ardingly,happy hunting.

Lizzie said...

Glad you liked the photos. We are going to Ardingly to sell, don't usually get much time to go on the hunt. We are having a New Year clear-out at bargain prices so that we can start again this year. We are going East to Alsace in September on another long trip hoping to find some different things.