Thursday, 12 January 2012


Just back from Ardingly where we have been working since Monday.  As always it was full of weird and wonderful things.  The ' male model' shown above, just one of them.  We were lucky with the weather this time and had two windless and one sunny day.  It does make such a difference.  Our claim to fame this time was that we sold some fabrics to a couple of girls working on a new 'Bridget Jones' film.  Can't wait.  I love those films and watch them over and over.

The chap on this stand which was next to us also sold to the film girls.  From here they bought a huge metal butterfly which is destined for Bridget Jones' flat.

The following four photographs are of the wonderful sunrise on Wednesday morning.  The sun came out to play and stayed all day.  It was such a treat.

That's it on the work travel front for the moment.  Next away trip is on February 9th when we go to France to take part in a Dressmaker's Fleamarket.  In the meantime it is sorting and pricing in easily recognisable numbers for the French mesdames.  Our French textiles continue to sell well here in England and we sold a lot at Ardingly so we will be searching out new goodies to bring back.  For myself I bought a couple of cream linen Mangle clothes from a Belgian lady.  I have to start thinking about what I am going to produce for Dorset Arts Weeks in June, and these will be great for some screen printing projects I have in mind.

On Sunday I am taking my husband down to Cornwall to Cowslip Workshops where there is an Exhibition I am anxious to see and also a meeting with members of the Exe Valley Contemporary Quilt Group.  I have never managed to get to one of the meetings yet as the dates have always clashed with my work schedule, but as I have a free week-end I am taking advantage of that and going to meet them and find out more about the Exhibition they are planning there in August.  As it is my favourite place of all I just can not miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting project.


nilly said...

Goodness me - I met that scary chap last October at the Newark IACF Fair and snapped him for my blog too!

Lizzie said...

He obviously gets arounds and is not easy to sell.! An acquired taste I should think.