Saturday, 4 February 2012


Linda and I are off to France on the overnight ferry on Thursday evening.  We will be making our way to stay with our friend Ticky and Nick at Les Pannards.  While we are there we will be working at Le Puces des Couturiers at Tellieul on Sunday.  We were there last year and will be taking all our English linen, lace, haberdashery, quilting fabrics, buttons and anything else we think they might like.  We were well received last time, lets hope they will be pleased to see us again.  As foreigners we are allowed to work in France on two occasions per year.  All our details and our passport numbers have to be registered with the French authorities before we go.  The law is strictly adhered to by the people running the market as they as well as us would be in trouble if it were not.  Pity it is not the same here for itinerant workers, but that's another matter.
The weather forecast is not too clever but as long as the white stuff stays away and we manage to get to where we are going without mishap we will be quite happy.  No rear ends in ditches as it was when we were caught in a snowstorm just after disembarking at Caen a couple of years ago.  Still the French police were very efficient at rescuing us and quite nice to look at as well!!!!
I am quite looking forward to getting away as here at home we are in the throes of refurbishing the kitchen, which is proving to be quite stressful.  It is only small and by hook or by crook I want a dishwasher!  We have bought and installed another garden shed to house everything while the work is underway.  In the meantime I am trying to focus on producing new work for Dorset Arts Weeks in May/June.  To say I am up to my eyes in it is an understatement.

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