Thursday, 3 May 2012


 Linda and I have just returned from a few days selling and buying in France.  We stayed with our friends Ticky and Nick who were eagerly awaiting for Rosie to produce her foal and so were we.  Wednesday arrived and we were due to travel back to the UK and still no baby.  A 7.30 a.m. telephone call this morning brought the wonderful news.  Rosie had given birth during the night.  Isn't this photograph wonderful.  I must admit I shed a tear.  What a relief that everything went without a hitch.  Can't wait for our next trip to see the new arrival.  I still don't know whether it is a boy or girl or what its name will be.  All will be revealed soon, I hope.
Our shopping trip was a great success and we will be taking our new finds to Stroud to the Antique Textile Fair at Bisley Village Hall the weekend after next.

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ted and bunny said...

oh my, what a sweetie!
I adore the little "bumfluff" mane that foals have, like nature needed to present them completely ready ready for world.
Have a good weekend