Thursday, 20 December 2012


 This is the new addition to our family.  She just appeared one day in our cul de sac.  She is very affectionate and when she first arrived she was starving hungry and so we fed her.  This went on for a couple of weeks, she would come and make a fuss, running around like a mad thing and squeaking, she doesn't seem to have a proper voice.   We would feed her and then she would go off and be back again when she was hungry.  Then one day, she plucked up her courage and  came through the door.  As we already have three cats and a dog I was a bit afraid of a war breaking out but she was very careful and I made sure that the dog didn't chase her off.  She is quite capable of looking after herself and once when the dog was a bit too interested he got a smack around the face.  She is a true Tortie and stands her ground but knows her place here in the heirarchy.  She is a mystery as she still disappears like clockwork at certain times of the day and evening and this makes me wonder if she has been abandoned and goes home to see if there is anyone there. She wasn't wearing a collar when she appeared so I have bought her one now and written our telephone number inside just in case there is an owner out there who may be interested in how she acquired a jazzy collar but so far no one has claimed her.  Of course she has taken over the place and me in particular.  When she is here, which is most of the time, she follows me about, sits on my lap, interferes with what I am doing, wont let me use the sewing machine or my 
computer.  Its like having a small child again.  I have to try to get things done when she has gone walkabout or is sleeping next to the radiator or on my chair.  I find it a bit annoying as I am always doing something and am not the sort of person to sit around watching television during the daytime BUT when she comes back after one of her jaunts she is so pleased to see someone that my heart melts and I have to give her a bit of time.  Once she knows she is safe indoors and fed she settles down.  The other cats have accepted her now but mainly ignore her.  My ginger tom turns his back on her, and Margie my Tortie hisses and growls at her but so far no fights!!  I think she has adopted us !!! I ought to give her a proper name I suppose, but for the minute she is known as Squeaky.  I shall miss her if she decides to move on.


ted and bunny said...

oh Lizzie she has well and truly found YOU as only a tortie cat can!

None of ours spoke for years, just little squeaks and trembly lips, and then someone told me that with farm cats their mothers keep them silent for safety.
I remember the first time Kit let out something louder than a squeak she nearly fell over with shock and to this day she only has two "words", uttered under her breath and only to people she knows well!

Thankyou on that dear cat's behalf for giving her a home, and your precious time.
Elaine x

Lizzie said...

She is lovely. I think she is still quite young. I suppose I ought to take her to the Vet. I don't want to be presented with kittens as a 'thank you'!! xx Hope you are well.xx

nilly said...

Lovely tortie, just like my own dear Daisy, sadly long gone - I miss our conversations. My neighbour has two new rescue cats, one a most unusual "calico" cat with big round splodges of orange, black & brown on pure white. I look forward to getting to know them.

Lizzie said...

We have discovered she is a runaway!!! Won't go home!