Monday, 18 February 2013

The Sea, The Sea

Today was my local Patchwork and Quilting meeting.  This is held in the village of Osmington just on the outskirts of Weymouth.  We had a very busy day 'playing with paintsticks' with local Textile Artist and Quilter Kate Dowty.  This was the sight that met me on my drive home.  It took my breath away.  In the words of Pooh Bear it was a very blustery day!

This was the sea off the Front Beach at Greenhill, Weymouth. 

Someone was jogging and someone was kitesurfing.

How I love the sea on days like these.  I used to swim in this when I was a child.  Seems like another lifetime - it is another life time.  Now I prefer to capture it all with my camera and translate it into textiles.  I couldn't live away from the Sea.