Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Wisteria in the Dordogne

The Vendee

My absence from here for such a long time has not gone unnoticed by me but I have been so busy that I have not been able to clear my head to sit and write something interesting!
It has just been non-stop for the past few months with many deadlines to meet and travels to conduct.
Linda and I went on our 'Big Trip' as we call it to France in April and had a lovely time and found many treasures.  We took in the stitchcraft show 'Pour l'Amour du Fil' at Nantes which was amazing.  A few of my friends were there at the same time as one had entered her 'Dear Jane' replica quilt into the Exhibition of  Dear Jane quilts that were there to mark the 150th Anniversary of the original Quilt that is in the Bennington Museum in Vermont, USA. After the Exhibition Linda and I went on our way touring around for the next 2 weeks looking for textiles.  The weather was kind to us and we visited many lovely places.
My quilting group 'The Hardy Quilters' has had its Exhibition of members work so that had to be organised and I have been making small wallhangings for various events such as Open Studios which happened immediately I got home from France, and in between all this I have been working at various Textile Fairs all around the South and West of England.  No wonder I have been suffering from Brain Fag.!!!  I still have to complete my quilt for the Quilters Guild Challenge at Festival of Quilts this year - I have allowed myself plenty of time - about 21 days before it has to be there!!  I have decided that I spend far too long thinking about things and don't get going soon enough but there is this little demon in my head which keeps telling me "you have plenty of time so don't worry".
It all works out in the end but I do give myself unnecessary stress.


elizabeth baer said...

Lizzie, you take may breath away with all your activities and travels - no wonder you give your diary a rest. I am deeply envious of your Grand Tour and chances to seek out and purchase wonderful stock, but looking forward to seeing some of it here at the fair in September, in Bradford on Avon. Have you lost your French accent yet? Elizabeth.

Lizzie Drake said...

Thanks for taking the time to read my Blog. My heart stays in France when we come back. Have been watching the Tour de France and revisiting places. Nice to see St. Malo today and Le Mont St. Michel tomorrow. They seem to be on one of our routes!! Linda is going again next week after Poundbury so there will be lots of new stuff for September. x