It is hard work being me!  There is this inner conflict going on inside me all the time.  I love my work, buying and selling Vintage/Antique Clothes and Textiles.  This involves a lot of early mornings - 5 a.m. starts - and a lot of travelling up and down the South of England.  Sometimes it is a successful day and sometimes (not many I have to add) it is not worth getting out of bed for.!!  I have been doing this for thirty years now and I have still not learnt to listen to my inner voice!!  It sounds too much like my Mother chastising me for wasting my time.  My other love is my Contemporary Textile work.  When I say work this does not involve much money changing hands except going from mine to trader for supplies.  In an ideal world I would like to spend my time dyeing and painting fabric, participating in workshops with my favourite Teachers and generally just messing about creating.  However all this creation takes money and therefore I must do my day job!!  It is a good job I find it all so interesting.  However I am easily sidetracked and can spend hours looking at my Costume books and looking at stuff all over the world on the Internet instead of buckling down and doing something constructive like carding up the hundreds of vintage buttons that I have to sell some day.  'Some day' being the operative words, the next time I hear myself say I haven't had time to do that, I will give myself a slap.